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zero emissions

We accompany the development of technological transfer towards clean energy, and we have already started investments

Europe is to become the first climate-neutral continent

To this end, the European Commission launched the “European Green Deal” in December 2019 – a climate concept that envisages decarbonising the European economy by 2050 at the latest. This process must be accompanied by a complete transformation of the European energy system, in which Endion will proactively participate.


Significant investments in energy efficiency, renewables, new low-carbon technologies and grid infrastructure are required. Integration of the electricity and gas sectors is necessary, as is the digitalisation of the energy market. Endion is ready for this.

Step by step towards
climate neutrality

The use of renewable energies is the glittering path to a climate-neutral economy. The political will creates the necessary framework conditions. However, the will alone will not be enough to quintuple the required capacities of renewable energies in the short term. But if there is a will, there is also a way, which Endion wants to pave.

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Zero emissions demands practical solutions today for problems that will only arise tomorrow

For example, the transport of electricity from renewable energies must be secured and existing capacities for the production of climate-friendly energy must be increased. The upcoming transition to electromobility and the focus on green electricity will demand enormous amounts of additional clean energy in the near future.


At Endion, we see natural gas as an important energy source and thus key for the transition phase into the 2030s. Natural gas is significantly lower in emissions than coal and oil, and the infrastructure for its transport is in place. In combination with photovoltaic, geothermal and CHP plants, gas will play a stable role in the European energy mix over the next two decades. Endion is developing projects that rely on this combination: we accompany the development of the technology transfer from natural gas, via an environmentally friendly natural gas-hydrogen mixture, to clean hydrogen – right from the start.


The complete decarbonisation of the EU energy system will change the demand for gas and the structure of the gas market. Consumption of the energy carrier will gradually decrease and by 2050 will only be used in combination with carbon capture and storage (CCS). We at Endion very much welcome this development and want to play an active role in shaping it.

Transforming the infrastructure: natural gas becomes hydrogen

Turquoise and blue hydrogen can be produced from natural gas. They will play a valuable role in the complete decarbonisation of buildings, transport, industry and power generation and will completely replace natural gas as an energy source by 2050. The already existing natural gas infrastructure can be modernised and further utilised for the transport of hydrogen and e.g. biomethane.

Turquoise and
blue hydrogen

These two energy carriers can be used for almost all energy end uses from 2030 onwards. In some cases, such as heavy industry, complete decarbonisation is hardly achievable without the use of natural gas. The use of hydrogen and biomethane for dispatchable electricity, complementing large shares of wind and solar power, avoids too expensive climate transition in power generation and ensures supply at all times.

works digitally

The path to climate neutrality will be challenging for energy suppliers. The phase-out of power generation from coal and natural gas with the simultaneous roll-out of renewables, which still are depending on the weather, will cause energy prices on the futures and spot markets to fluctuate. For the energy supplier, even small open positions in the portfolio can mean major losses.

Software solution

Endion has developed its own software tool to dovetail the energy portfolio with price developments in real time and thus detect imbalances at an early stage. With the Endion dashboard, you can trade standard products and/or schedules live at short notice. You can set a target price at any time and summarise all developments in a meaningful report.

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