Engage in natural gas instead of more polluting energy sources to significantly reduce carbon emissions

Endion sources natural gas from Eurasia
and distributes it in Germany and Central Europe

We buy natural gas directly from the producers via long-term contracts and offer it at lucrative conditions to public utilities, municipal energy suppliers and industrial customers. In this way, we ensure price stability on in the European gas market and make a sustainable contribution to supply security and diversification. Thanks to Endion, energy suppliers can order the gas flexibly and unconstrained “on demand” instead of having to buy it at short notice and at volatile prices on the futures markets.

Flexible natural gas deliveries

With us, you can tailor your natural gas supplies to suit the market and/or customer according to the following individual parameters:

Price model

You can agree deliveries with Endion at fixed prices, at specific market indexations (e.g. month-ahead or oil or gas price indexation) and/or on the basis of tranched procurements.

Scheduled deliveries

Endion delivers daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly schedules with or without quantity flexibilities. In the case of flexibility deliveries, both intra-year and annual flexibilities can be agreed.

Delivery period

Endion relies on long-term supply agreements. Therefore, you can conclude contracts with us from a minimum contract period of one year. The longer the contract, the more attractive the delivery conditions.

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Value-adding services

In addition to natural gas deliveries,
Endion offers the following services:

Greening of deliveries

In cooperation with our partners from Germany and Europe, we can add biomethane to your supplys.

Balancing group management

If you do not have your own balancing group, we can run the delivery in a sub-balancing account in our balancing group.

Endion dashboard

You can add the Endion dashboard to your delivery. This allows you to:

  • order standard products or schedules based on live prices
  • Set target prices
  • Access market analyses
  • Summarise all positions in your portfolio in a meaningful report

REMIT reports

We are happy to take over the REMIT mirror reports for you in order to ensure the integrity and transparency of the wholesale energy market in accordance with the EU Regulation.

Natural gas: the fuel for the energy transition

Natural gas is the decisive raw material of the present. This present is shaped by the ongoing transition from fossil yesterday to green tomorrow. With the “European Green Deal”, Germany and Europe have set very ambitious goals: by 2050, carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced to a minimum so that the European economy becomes almost climate-neutral.

Natural gas will play a decisive role in this process. The intelligent use of natural gas in combination with renewable energies – such as heat storage in residential basements or photovoltaic systems on factory roofs – minimises CO2 emissions and guarantees a stable and climate-friendly energy and heat supply. And it will continue to do so until a smooth supply of climate-neutral renewable energy is guaranteed.

That is why Europe’s demand for natural gas will remain constantly high and even increase until the 2030s, according to analyses by the International Energy Agency (IEA). After that, fossil natural gas will inevitably have to make way for renewable energy sources – first and foremost green hydrogen.

Current energy mix
in Germany

Climate-neutral energy
mix as of 2050

With natural gas
to climate neutrality

In Germany, natural gas remains the most important energy source for heat generation for the time being: roughly 20 million urban households use it to heat water for showers and heating. Industry also uses the reliable energy source, which is far more climate-friendly than oil or coal and causes significantly fewer CO2 emissions. This is because an above-average amount of CO2-intensive coal is still used to generate electricity in Germany. A switch from coal to natural gas is therefore not only climate-friendly, but systemically relevant: without it, the European Union’s climate protection goals cannot be met.

Current gross electricity
generation in Germany

in %, total 567 billion kWh

Gas goes green

Thanks to modern technologies, natural gas can be converted into a completely clean raw material – for example by capturing and storing CO2 (carbon capture and storage) or by chemically reacting the exhaust gases into solid carbon (natural gas pyrolysis).


Blue and turquoise hydrogen are also produced from fossil natural gas. The resulting CO2 is separated and stored in underground reservoirs (blue hydrogen) or used as solid carbon in the materials industry (turquoise hydrogen). The hydrogen produced in this way is thus climate-neutral: no CO2 escapes into the atmosphere during its production.

Local energy supply

Together with our partners – the energy suppliers and municipal utilities of the Federal Republic of Germany – we are developing forward-looking energy projects for the production of hydrogen from natural gas, so that the valuable raw material becomes CO2-neutral – and the transport systems of cities are freed from exhaust gases.

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