Driving the evolution in new energy production
and distribution technologies

What is Endion?

Endion is a modern energy distributor: we source climate-friendly energy from Eurasia and offer it in Germany and the European Union. Thanks to long-term supply contracts with the manufacturers, we secure attractive conditions for our customers – municipal energy providers and suppliers, public service and industrial companies. In this way we contribute to price stability on the European energy market as well as to security of supply and decarbonization.

Our vision

We believe in the upcoming evolution of cutting-edge green technologies, which will be able to serve the industry globally and preserve our planet and people

Climate protection

Climate change is humanity’s greatest risk and climate protection its greatest challenge. As an experienced team of international energy experts, we know how serious the effects of carbon-intensive energy production are, above all extraction from coal and oil. We want to transform this old energy world into a new energy world to be clean, CO2-free and climate-friendly.

Zero emissions

For the time being, we still accept fossil fuels as inevitable. At the same time, we are increasing the share of renewable energy in our entire portfolio. We not only supply clean energy, but also develop innovative energy solutions for municipalities and industry – such as the smart use of natural gas in combination with photovoltaics.

Completely digital

The path to climate neutrality will be particularly challenging for energy suppliers. The phase-out of coal and natural gas power generation together with the simultaneous expansion of renewable energies from wind and sun, which are available depending on the weather, will cause energy prices on the futures and spot markets to fluctuate. For the energy supplier, even small open positions in the portfolio can mean major losses.


Endion has developed its own software tool to dovetail the energy portfolio with price developments in real time and thus detect imbalances at an early stage. With the Endion dashboard, you can trade standard products and/or schedules live at short notice. You can set a target price at any time and summarise all developments in a meaningful report.

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