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We pave the fastest and shortest way to wholesale prices on the energy procurement markets.

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We guarantee lasting price stability, planning security and flexibility for our customers.

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Once the modalities have been clarified, it takes four weeks to conclude a contract.

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Our team has been working in the global energy markets for over 25 years. We know our customers’ needs and are always on their side.

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Your Endion contact person is always available for you, 24/7, around the clock. This approach creates trust and strengthens business relationships in the long term.

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We rely on digital sales channels. With the Endion dashboard, you can plan risk-free, calculate and purchase at any time – and at the conditions that are best for you.

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Our energy products

Endion’s portfolio covers energy carriers, their by-products and energy solutions for the industry. We supply natural gas for municipal economy and commerce, compressed and liquid gas for the transport industry. Togehter with industry partners we develop climate-friendly solutions for energy production from hydrogen. We also supply by-products for the chemical industry.

Natural gas

For the time being, natural gas remains the most important energy source for heat generation in industry and households. As decarbonisation progresses, its use will decline in the coming decades – but not its relevance. We purchase natural gas directly from suppliers in Eurasia and offer it today at interesting tariffs in Germany and Europe, while working on smart solutions for tomorrow – such as the combined use of natural gas and renewable energies.


Green hydrogen is the great hope and energy carrier of the energy transition: it can be produced in a climate-neutral way by water electrolysis with the help of renewable energies and then be used in fuel cells of trains and trucks. Still, to produce green hydrogen the price is 2.5 times higher than for so-called steam reforming. Endion has been working with gas suppliers and municipal utilities on projects to produce almost CO2-free blue hydrogen from natural gas.


Particulates in transport are not an issue when compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) are used instead of diesel . The gas, compressed in liquid or gaseous form for long-distance transport, is a low-emission alternative to diesel and could be used e. g. in trucks. In the long term, Endion sees more of a future for LNG in shipping: the industry is already ordering LNG-powered ships, since the bunkering infrastructure is being set up in ports all around the world.


Helium capacities are very modest, but the demand for the noble gas is increasing enormously. Helium is used in many modern applications – for example, in the metal industry, in digital and medical technology or in aerospace. Russia currently wants to become the market leader in global helium production. In addition to new large-scale projects such as the Amur gas processing plant, many other helium production facilities are planned. Endion is involved in these projects and can contribute to the strategic procurement of helium.


 As a very important reagent, methanol plays an overriding role in the chemical industry. Produced from carbon monoxide and hydrogen, methanol is further processed into products such as formaldehyde, acetic acid and formic acid. Energy generation via the use of a fuel cell is possible – and, in our view, probable. Endion is familiar with the volatility of the organic chemical feedstock methanol and is involved in its procurement. We know the bio-methanol projects and would be happy to introduce you to them.


One way to generate LPG (liquified petroleum gas) is the processing of APG (associated gas). The flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases such as propane and butane instead can be widely used in heating appliances and transport. Endion sees LPG beyond a replacement to chlorofluorocarbons in chemicals as an alternative to replace diesel and fuel oil in transport during the energy transition. We stimulate our partners to produce LPG from APG instead of burning it off in gas flares, which wastes valuable resources and harms the environment.


Sulfur as a valuable product of gas processing is being used in areas such as chemicals for lubrication and tire production, steel production, pharma industry and agriculture. The leaders for sulfur production and trade among others are Russia and the CIS countries. Endion can supply sulfur to the best market conditions.

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